Monster Mud – The Glue that Holds Your Haunt Together

What is Monster Mud

The first topic we are going to cover from professional Haunter advice and resources is about “Monster Mud”.

Monster Mud is a mixture that consists of drywall joint compound and latex paint and is used to create a hard shell over props constructed of softer materials like Styrofoam or papier-mâché.


The standard recipe for Monster Mud is as follows:

Traditional Monster Mud Recipe:

  • 5 parts – Drywall joint compound
  • 1 part – Exterior latex paint

Monster Mud MixtureYou then mix the ingredients together in a large bucket using a mixer bit for your drill. (Or you can do it by hand if you truly like torment and suffering.)

Once the mixture is smooth it can be painted onto props like Styrofoam tombstones, papier-mâché projects, cloth on standing dummies, etc.

The Monster Mud can take several days to dry depending on the thickness of the coats that are applied.


Monster Mud FAQ

How much does it cost to make Monster Mud?

Depending on the type of joint compound you use I would say it will cost about $10 – $15 dollars for a 3.5 – 4.5 gallon bucket of the stuff, plus any mixing buckets or paint you may require. See if you can find an old bucket with a lid you can recycle for the project. Also check with the hardware store for “returned” paints because they usually sell it at a deep discount. The paint color is irrelevant since you will be painting over the base coat.

Is Monster Mud waterproof?

While the exterior latex paint in Monster Mud is supposed to make it water proof real world use has found it to be less resistant than compounds intended specifically for outdoor use. Some haunters will use Monster Mud to create a hard shell over their prop and then paint it with Dry-Lock (used for waterproofing basements) in order to make it more weather resistant before using outdoor paints for the final coats.

What is the shelf-life of the Monster Mud mixture?

Monster Mud can last 1 – 2 years in a sealed container depending on storage conditions. (Your mileage may vary.)

Where can I find more information about Monster Mud?

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